Weekend Linkorama

  • I don’t know the background to the story of fed employees getting pay rises while everyone else is told to tighten their belts. I’m assuming this isn’t as simple as people would like to believe.
  • I have to agree with Reason. It does seem like Obama talks out of both sides of his mouth sometimes. That doesn’t make him bad; that just makes him a normal politician.
  • Apparently, Monster Cable, when they aren’t harassing people who claim their product is overpriced, are busy suing the crap out of any other business that calls itself Monster. I don’t know that a loser pays legal system would prevent this; but it couldn’t hurt. The thing is that I can think of few people who, hearing the word “Monster”, automatically envision the electronics firm.
  • I have to agree with Hot Air. Why is it so amazing that Obama extended the olive branch to the muslim world? Bush did that for years. Why do people react so obsequiously when Obama says things they vilified Bush for?
  • I stopped trusting Consumer Reports back in the 90’s when they endorsed a single payer healthcare system. That and that every product they recommended turned out to be a steaming piece of crap. Their report on the anti-CPSIA rally today is typical of lazy shilling they’ve been doing lately (read the comments for a response — I can’t top them). Memo to CR: big business loves CPSIA. It’s driving the competition out of business.
  • Nice, The Obama Administration already has a report indicating that their green car plan for Detroit won’t work.
  • Our ridiculous legal system doesn’t just hamstring doctors and cripple legitimate businesses. It lets genuine bad actors get away with murder. Exxon is still fighting the lawsuit over their oil spill of twenty years ago. Why not? It’s reduced their burden from $5 to $2 billion.
  • More from Greenpeace: they tried to pretend there was a meltdown at a nuclear plant.
  • Quiet

    It’s going to be quiet around here for a few days. I’m still reacting to the tragic passing of my fellow blogger, Lee. On the one hand, I never met him. On the other hand, he’s the reason this site exists at all and has as much influence on my political thinking as anyone. He was what Joe Posnanksi calls an “e-migo”, someone I felt like I knew through his blog and a precious few e-mails exchanges. Over at Right-Thinking, people who knew him in meatspace are posting their memories, which makes me only wish I had met him in real life.

    I will be posting again sometime soon. One thing Lee didn’t explain to me when I started doing this — eventually it becomes a necessity.

    WTF Shooting

    I’m sorry. Your wife cheats on you so you respond by murdering your five children? I’ve noticed a tendency in recent weeks to blame any shooting — especially last week’s Binghampton tragedy — on the economy. Garbage. These people are crazy. If it weren’t a job or a cheating wife, it would be because the TV told them to.