Monday Linkorama

It’s the Bash Obama edition!

  • How Reagan won the Cold War. He was, in many ways, a dove among hawks.
  • Baindbridge responds to Obama’s Wall Street comments. Money quote:

    So we have a President with basically no business experience, guided by a bunch of Ivy League policy wonks most of whom have limited real world business experience, deciding how big businesses should be and where young people ought to work.

    That about says it, doesn’t it?

  • The FDA wants to ban electronic cigarettes for reasons that make absolutely no sense.
  • The two best libertarian criticisms of Obama’s first 100 days. I’ve been very disappointed with how bereft of ideas these guys are.
  • Looks like Obama likes to make him up some employment statistics.
  • What is it with high speed rail? Why do people continue to buy into this chimera?
  • How bad is the debt picture for the Feds? So bad the New York Times has noticed. Finally.
  • USAir

    I have to wonder if whoever is running USAir is trying to bankrupt the company. We just go an update on their fee policies:

  • Changing a ticket is $150.
  • If you change a ticket to a higher price, you have to pay the difference. If you change it a lower price, you forfeit the difference.
  • It’s $35 to get a ticket at the counter.
  • It’s now $15 to check a bag, plus $5 if you don’t check in advance.
  • Meanwhile, the most successful airline in the country charges no ticket change fee and checks the first two bags free (although we got tripped up by one being too big).