It’s All True

As we finally, fucking finally stumble into the last week of the political campaign, one blogger hits why the Right Wing Echosphere and the McCain campaign in particular is exhausting:

It’s not just the McCain campaign’s problem – although their inability to pick a narrative and stick to it is a special kind of inexcusable – it’s a problem for the entire wingnut noise machine. Obama is a Marxist Muslim Arab Jesus Black White Terrorist Technocrat Racist Do-Gooder Liberal FDR Stalin Hilter Commie Fascist Gay Womanizing Naive Cynical Insider Noob Boring Radical Unaccomplished Elite Slick Gaffe-Prone Pedophile Pedophile-Seducing Liberation Theology Atheist Etc. & Anti-Etc. with a bunch of scary friends from – wait for it! – the Nineteen Hundred And Sixties. It makes no sense. It’s a jumble sale of fears and scary associations from 50 years of wingnut witch hunts and smear campaigns, a flea market of pre-owned and antique resentments, and if one does detect a semi-consistent 1960’s motif running through it all, that’s because that’s when most of these ideas were coined. While it is great fun for wingnut yahoos to relive the glory days when National Review was still taken more seriously than liberal blogofascists by the people who matter, most of this stuff is obsolescent (or at least unfashionable), and people suffering from the material problems caused by 50 years of right-wing ascendancy aren’t going to drop everything to listen to fuguing conservatives spin disjointed yarns about how much better everything was back in their day. Nobody gives a fuck.

Every conservative blog in my RSS feed has been like this for the past month. Every day, there are six stories about how Obama is something I’m afraid of. It’s exhausting, even for this political junkie. It’s gotten to the point where I can’t even bring myself to read the stories anymore. I just hit the headline and my brain automatically says, “Next!”.

It’s to the point where, when something serious is discussed, such as Obama’s healthcare plan which will socialize medicine through the back door, no one is paying attention.

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