Tuesday Night Linkorama

  • Raise your hand if you are surprised that the Dems are abandoning PAYGO. Obama’s first test will be showing fiscal restraint.
  • PJ gets depressed about how conservatives blew it. I’m so fed up with the GOP these days.
  • Criticizing Obama for lying is like criticizing him for breathing. He’s a politician; it comes with the territory. What did you expect? Change?
  • A great article from Sowell about the difference between seeming to be intellectual and actually being intellectual. I blog with a sharp skilled writer who never went to college. I work in an environment filled with “intellectuals” with fancy degrees, little common sense and, often, an inability to navigate the English language. I couldn’t agree more with Sowell. Almost everything important I learned in life; almost all my knowledge of economics, history, sociology, politics and science — came after I got my fancy degrees.
  • Hitch takes some of the starch out of the Obameuphoria. You know, we woke up on Wednesday with the same problems we went to bed with on Tuesday.
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