Friday Nights Linksorama

  • One other thing I’ll miss about Texas. Fiscal sanity.
  • I tend on the liberal side of social questions, even though my own life is pretty socially conservative. But is it really the best idea for Planned Parenthood to be offering gift certificates? Question: who do you buy these for? What does it say when you buy them? “Hey, I know you sleep around. So here’s a gift that can be used for birth control or abortion, whatever it takes.”
  • I’ve said it before. If Obama ends crap like detaining terror suspects for years without evidence and then just tossing them back home without so much as an apology, his presidency will already be a success. The “conservative” response on this issue has been especially distressing. Apparently, even talking about blowback is anti-American. Look. You can say that blowback is worth it. You can say that blowback doesn’t matter. You can’t rationally say that it doesn’t exist.
  • Why government “energy policy” is a disaster. The feds decided to force their agencies to buy flex-fuel vehicles. Problem: without actual, you know, flex fuels, they’re just inefficient, gas-guzzling, greenhouse-gas spewing behemoths.
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