Thursday Night Linkorama

  • Apparently, AFL-CIO isn’t quite sure where the Home of the Whopper is. Funny how it’s evil for McDonald’s to participate in the political process, but just fine for unions to.
  • Who knew? Jews wrote all the good Christmas songs. You can’t escape us.
  • Another one from the best Obama impersonator. The thing about his imitations is that he gets the key to Obama — his basic likability. I heard Obama at a press conference this morning talking about the Blagojevich scandal (imagine, a President having frequent press conferences!) and he again came across as very sensible. I’m probably going to oppose a lot of what Obama wants. But I think I’ll continue to like him as a person.
  • Saletan argues that funding Planned Parenthood is a pro-life thing. I agree partially — a lot of their money still goes to abortions. But if your goal is decreasing abortions, supporting birth control is the most rational thing to do. I can’t understand those who oppose it.