Remember the Trojans

Presented for your consideration:

Team A: 12-1, lost one game on the road to a ranked team. Allowed less than 8 points a game during the regular season, racking up a 450-93 score over the regular season. They didn’t do this against patsies either. They dominated a conference that went 5-0 in the bowls, went on the road to crush a 5-7 ACC team, smashed an independent team that went on to run wild in a bowl, and convincingly beat the top two teams in the Big Ten.

Hypothetical Team B: 13-1. Lost one game on a neutral site to a top-five team. Played all other ranked teams at home. Scored an incredible 702 points during the regular season but gave up 319 (25 per game). Their conference is 3-1 in bowls so far. Their non-conference schedule included a horrible AA team, an 11-2 Big East team, a Pac 10 team that didn’t win a single game and an 11-2 Mountain West team. The good teams in that list were played at home.

Can you make the case that Team B is clearly better than Team A? Because the Sports Media Twerps certainly think so. If Oklahoma wins the BCS Bowl, they will become a national champion while Team A (USC) will probably not be ranked any higher than they are now.

The SMTs also rank Texas two slots about USC and claim that the Longhorns deserved a shot at the title. If Texas wins, they will be ranked higher than USC in the final poll. This is a Texas team that lost its only road game to a ranked team, had a laughable non-conference schedule and outscored opponents 527-223, an unimpressive ratio given their pathetic schedule.

I don’t know if USC is better than Oklahoma. I would love to find out. I am pretty convinced that they are better than Texas. I would love to see them prove it. They should clearly, at the very least, be ranked #2 or #3 at season’s end. They won’t be unless Alabama and Texas both lose because the SMTs don’t think about their votes. Their ranking considers three factors: 1) number of losses; 2) amount of hype; 3) how they ranked last week. Texas was more hyped as a title contender than USC. Therefore Texas must be better. Ignore those facts behind the curtain. You are getting sleepy. Very very sleepy.

Yeah, a playoff would be so much worse than this.