Monday Night Linkorama

  • George Bush dissuaded Israel from bombing Iran. For once, I’m impressed with the President. As such, I don’t believe the story. NPR’s been full of it before.
  • A must-read on the President’s economic legacy. I’ve run out of words for how much he has disappointed me. If you’d told me in 2000 that a Republican President and Congress would create a lost economic decade, I wouldn’t have believed you.
  • Trust Obama to want to eliminate the one part of Medicare that actually works. That Stephanopolous interview was a disaster — an uncharacteristic burst of stupidity form the President Elect.
  • Yglesis isn’t good at analogies is he?
  • Our nation’s pension funds are about to collapse. I remind you that some in the Democratic Party want us to cash out our 401k’s for these dubious vehicles. This is why, at every job I’ve had, I’ve taken the defined contribution rather than defined benefit.
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    1. Mike,

      Do you have any additional information regarding your comment about “the Democratic Party” wanting to liquidate 401k plans in favor of pension plans? Is that a serious proposal or just jawboning from the lunatic fringe?

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