I’ve liked the Steelers since I was a kid. The local team (Falcons) sucked, my NFC team was the Packers and I hated the Cowboys slightly less than I hated the Communists. The first piece of sports-team related junk I remember having was a Steelers garbage can. So they became my AFC team just in time to enter a decade of stagnation.

Moreover, I’m living in “Stillers” country now. If I pulled for the Cardinals, my neighbors would throw snowballs at me and mock the way I shovel the driveway.

In principle, I don’t mind the idea of the Cardinals winning since they are the ultimate NFL Cinderella and Kurt Warner is an amazing story. In practice, the Bidwells are evil skinflints and I can not possibly countenance a Cardinal championship until they return their prior title to its rightful owners — The Pottsville Maroons. Incidentally, if you like football books, Breaker Boys, which goes into the 1925 travesty, is a good one.

I hear Obama is pulling for the Steelers because they are most similar to his Bears. I’d like to think that’s in earnest. But I have to note that Pennsylvania is a key swing state.

Just sayin’.