Monday Morning Linkorama

  • And people wonder why NYC has money problems.
  • Bolivia seems eager to follow the Zimbabwe example. I’m sure it will have the same merry results.
  • Yet another way big business and government are crushing competition — cattle tagging.
  • The trade wars heat up. Mexico is imposing tariffs in response to our stupid ban on Mexican trucks. Looks like Depression II is moving right along.
  • The push for a longer school year creeps me out. Can’t we let kids be kids at all? The problem with our schools isn’t that kids aren’t in them enough … the problem is that the schools are a monopoly.
  • Obama wants to spend a billion bucks helping the small businesses he’s extracting tens of billions in new taxes from. I guess it make sense, after you’ve cut off and eaten someone’s leg, to throw them the bone.
  • The piling on to Jim Cramer is just stupid. He wasn’t the one who resisted regulating Freddie and Fannie, was he?
  • Putin continues his repulsive reign. In the end, Bush’s remark that he looked into Putin’s soul may go down as the dumbest thing he ever said. And that’s saying something.
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