Wednesday Linkorama

  • I don’t follow any twitter feeds. But Christopher Walken’s is almost interesting.
  • Stories like this are heart-breaking. What kind of jerks harass a girl to commit suicide because she sent her boyfriend a nude video?
  • I got some flack on the other blog for suggesting that cosmetology should not be regulated beyond OSHA. Well, I still think licensing cosmetologists is dumb. If people want their feet chewed on, that’s no concern of mine.
  • Cato has some hopeful news on the school voucher front. As with the pot question, I feel a tide beginning to turn. The reason unions fought the pilot voucher programs so much was because they knew what would happen if competition got its foot in the door.
  • Hope and change, my butt. Stripping out the contents of one bill to put in the content of another is almost Cheneyian.
  • Why is Haley Barbour going to veto an imminent domain protection act? Is there any Republican out there who’s not a dimwit?
  • Shouldn’t laws concerning DNA evidence account for twins?
  • George Will has a fit over how we’re shredding the Constitution to deal with the financial crisis. Remember when shredding the Constitution to deal with terrorism was a bad thing? Sigh.
  • More stuff to be scared of: coronal mass ejections that could destroy our electrical grid. I think the article is overly pessimistic — humans are far more adaptable than social scientists like to think. But the danger is real. And if your government weren’t trillions of dollars into wars, bailouts and taking over banks, it would be the sort of thing they could and should make provision for.