Weekend Linkorama

  • This may be the only time I have something nice to say about Mitt Romney. He points out one of the more insidious aspects of the card check bill — unionizing charter schools.
  • You know, I’m pretty conservative. But drug-testing for welfare benefits seems like a dumb idea. This is mainly, I would suspect, going to damage people’s lives further and make them less likely to become productive members of society.
  • I have to agree with Balko. These arrests for “sexting” are just absurd. I’ve never understood the logic that you can teach people a lesson by ruining their lives. It’s making an example of someone — which is fine … if you’re not the example.
  • Does anyone take Olberman seriously? We need to put him in a small room with O’Reilly and let them shout each other to death.
  • Thanks goodness we don’t privatize schools. They’d be selling out to advertisers to make ends meet. Oh, wait…
  • As I predicted, Obama’s tax cut is dying the same quiet death as Clinton’s did. Although, bizarrely, he’s got the DNC campaigning against his own party members to get them to support his budget.
  • The WSJ launches another salvo against Romney’s Massachusetts healthcare “reform”. Spending is out of control and the state is going to have to do what they always do in universal healthcare situation: rationing and control.
  • Just when I begin to think Matthew Yglesias is reasonable, he suggests a 95 percent marginal rate.
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    1. To your last item on the list, I wonder if Matt would consider a 95% tax rate on the middle class as even in this current state we are still [much] better off than 90% of the world’s population. So when you have people drinking the same water they piss in, having to worry about losing a 5 bedroom home many couldn’t afford in the first place and having to “rough it” in an apartment which will still have heating, running water, and tools to cook the parasites off your food would be a dream for most. Point being it’s all relative, and he’s as much a fat cat in the grand scheme of things as any CEO, but you won’t be seeing him give up his greed anytime soon even though from a world perspective he’s the elite of the elite just like most Americans. What’s worse, going after other people with what we see as having luxuries they don’t need, or becoming so damn complacent about our own?

      I hope you will post more frequently here on the current policies going on with this administration, as I have seen you post on other blogs.

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