Wednesday Linkorama

  • Joe Biden, gaffe machine.
  • The Economist, usually a very sober publication, is souring on Obama. I must admit some his recent policies are souring me as well.
  • Reason noted my hero Norman Borlaug’s 95th birthday by posting one of the most fascinating interviews they’ve ever done. Here’s hoping we keep Norman around for another 95 years. He’s the anti-Ehrlich — a incurable optimist who was right about everything. And he’s still working to battle the rust fungal epidemic in Africa.
  • You know, I want schools to be safe, but banning any physical contact is absurd. Kids thrive on physical contact.
  • GM is talking about bankruptcy. Couldn’t they have done this before we gave them $14 billion?
  • Oh, that liberal media. Gotchya.
  • I have to agree with McArdle. Yes, technically, some of the plans being promulgated by the Obama Administration represent the economic side of fascism. But what’s the point of making that distinction? To bring Hitler into the equation. The socialism moniker will suit the discussion just fine.
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