Boortz on VT

Boortz comes out full bore on the Virginia Tech tragedy.

I’m refraining from comment until we know more. We’re hearing a lot of speculation and stories. We can wait a while until we have all the facts. It turned out that most of what people were saying about Columbine in the immediate aftermath was garbage. Let’s take some time to separate the fantasy from the reality.

There is one thing I’d like to say. I hope people will spare just tiny amount of prayer for the family of . . . the shooter.


Listen. Somewhere in America, some family is about to find out that their brother or son did this horrible horrible thing. If there’s anything worse than finding out your child has been killed, it’s finding out he was a monster. And they will unquestionably get a lot of the blame — perhaps some deserved. Since the shooter is dead, the blame game will be played out in full — VT Administration, cops, student cliques, the family, whatever you want. Some will deserve that blame. All will get it.