Monday Linkorama

  • The CBO — a relentlessly non-partisan group — estimates Obamacare will cost $1 trillion. The solution? Silence the CBO. But remember, it’s only conservative who ignore hard facts and data.
  • Here’s the way you know who to favor in the Cheerios debate. CSPI is in favor of the government; therefore that position is the wrong one.
  • Watchdogs are off again on a condom study costing 400 grand. And suppose this study leads to some change that results in preventing a handful of AIDS cases? My read is that this study was peer-reviewed. We need lawyers to stop grand-standing about it.
  • Mexico is liberalizing their drug laws. A blood all-out war will do that.
  • Time Magazine continues to prove what a worthless rag it is — running a story about bullet trains that parrots the party line completely.
  • Radley Balko points out that the only promises Obama is breaking are those that would limit his own power. He has yet to break a campaign promise that would expand it. And so it goes.
  • Fat people live longer. Now I get to bash the CSPI twice in one linkorama.