Wednesday Linkorama

So much going on the internets, so little time.

  • Ah, the irony. Pat Buchanan never fails to embarrass. This was the conference where he said that Sonia Sotomayor was obviously an affirmative action baby because her English was less than stellar as a law student.
  • And speaking of racist fucktard “conservatives”, here’s Nixon, saying abortion should be reserved for rape and mixed-race babies.
  • If you want to know why I’m so hostile to unions — or more precisely, their cozy relationship with politicians — here’s another reason. 700 NYC teachers are paid to … not teach.
  • Kick. Ass.
  • I’m been blogging enough on Iran at the other site, so I’ll post some updates here. The Iranian government is charging $3,000 bullet fees to the families of people they’ve murdered. Obama is slowly toughening his language, to depressing and predictable “there you go” condescension from “conservatives”. The reformist candidate may have been involved in the Beirut bombing, although that hasn’t stopped us from working with Khadaffi. And finally, a portrait of the woman murdered by the Basij. Oh, and the Iranian government is banning the soccer players who wore green armbands.
  • Only in America. Birds hit plane. Pilot saves all passengers aboard by landing in Hudson. Passengers sue airline. Media backs passengers.
  • This has to be deliberate.