Monday Linkorama

  • The stimulus package is starting to look worse and worse. This big story of the second half of this year will be the media slowly awakening to how big a cesspool of corruption it was. If only we had a party to take advantage of that that wasn’t filled with religious pinheads.
  • At the risk of being labelled a pinko communist liberal, I have to agree that Juvenile Life Without Parole should only be reserved for the most heinous of crimes. A rape at age 13 crosses me as a good reason to lock someone up for a long time — but for the rest of their life?
  • If find this post from Ezra Klein (and the comments) to be hilarious. Our system of government is designed to slow change, to avoid radical action. Apparently, that’s a good thing when conservatives are in charge, bad when liberals are in charge. And it’s especially bad if the slowness of the system allows legitimate criticism and public concern to derail bad legislation.
  • Prediction: in the end, the Iranian regime will turn Neda into a martyr … for their side. The similarities between the old Communists and the Islamists continue to grow.