Friday Linkorama

  • Another “terror suspect” who is nothing of the kind. Guy was imprisoned of years, is working with the Afghan government to fight terrorism but is still classified as a suspect. Worst of worst, guess.
  • Turns out that Obama’s amazing Secretary of Education just ginned the numbers to make Chicago look like a success story. He shouldn’t feel too bad though. Bush’s Secretary of Education did the same thing.
  • Michael Kinsey, in discussing small changes that could make big saving in healthcare, asks a question so obvious I want to smack myself for missing it. Why are we debating whether healthcare reform is going to cost $600 billion or $1 trillion? Wasn’t this debacle supposed to save money?
  • Reason 42A why California is going bankrupt. Union pensions. I wonder if I can retire at 50 and collect 90% of my paycheck forever. (Note: a Sullivan reader claims this only applies to certain professions, not all).
  • I’m not surprised that the heavy push toward self-esteem lowers actual achievement. Feelings of inadequacy make us work harder. Or at least they make me work harder.
  • Here’s all I’m saying. If your gigantically expensive fighter can’t even fly two hours before failing, maybe you should solve its problems first and then we’ll send billions of dollars buying more of them.
  • An autopsy of Fannie and Freddie. Keep this in mind as our politicians blither about a “public option” for healthcare.
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