Wednesday Linkorama

  • Trillions of dollars in debt. But the Obama cabinet has come through with … $200 million in spending cuts. Woo-hoo.
  • Congress wants to ban drug ads. I can understand it, but this reeks of unintended consequences. As the NYT notes, many people seek out needed drugs because of these ads.
  • What qualifies as a job? A lot less than you’d think.
  • Good for Jeff Flake. As the GOP falls apart, a few lights remain.
  • Hitch has a great take on the Gates business.
  • Post of the day — does health insurance make you fat?
  • A great interview about the War on Fat. I don’t happen to agree with everything Campos says about the issue of weight. But I do agree that the focus on weight (and BMI in particular) has drawn emphasis away from where it should be — healthy living.