Vacation Linkorama

  • Glad to see that whole culture of corruption think has been handled. There are a few R’s on that list.
  • More healthcare commentary from Krauthammer and Samuelson and the WSJ and the the owner of Whole Foods (who, in a shock, says we should shop at his stores to save the country). It would be nice if the GOP and the healthcare protesters would offer up some ideas.
  • Welch on the people trying to link healthcare opposition to racism. One of the interesting things about the Obama machine is that they have resisted playing the race card. The reason, I think, is that they understand that the race card, if played, will effectively end Obama’s presidency. We will spend the rest of it arguing race instead of policy. The race card has become the Godwin’s Law of our time. Once invoked, it immediately discredits the invoker — and that would apply even if the opposition were a bunch of racist lunatics.
  • An absolute must read from Alternet about the wave of NYC pot arrests. This is an incredible waste of time, money and young men’s lives.
  • Will the Feds taking over student loans save money? Nope. But you knew that already.
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