Weekend Linkorama

  • Cool. My mind is bent.
  • Good luck with trying to privatize the post office. The idea is right; the will is non-existent.
  • Mints sent a guy to jail? Seriously? Yet another triumph in our stupid War on Drugs.
  • You stay classy, MSNBC. Show guns at an Obama rally, imply racist murderous intent, neglect to mention that the man carrying the weapon was black. Nicely done.
  • I know how he feels.
  • Yes another study concludes that high-speed rail is a boondoggle. But noting’s a boondoggle when it enriches powerful interests.
  • Le Illusion. As I said before, my patience with people who believe in “free” healthcare is limited.
  • Yes, elements of the Right have gotten ridiculously silly about healthcare (death panels? Really?) But let it not be said that the Left is also very very silly. I propose that we lock all these people up in a small room and let them fight it out while the rest of us run the country.
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