Thursday Linkorama

Yes, more linkos. I’m in one of my more bloggy phases today.

  • The good and bad of Ted Kennedy. Balko as well. He could be a great man or he could be a petty power-hungry idealogue. And I have a known distaste for the entire Kennedy aristocracy. But I’m sorry for his family and friends.
  • I’m with Megan. Comparing just about any political philosophy that doesn’t involve killing people to fascism is just stupid.
  • Ha ha. The weird thing is that I remember these sort of “thing called the internet” piecs. But to today’s kids, they probably see like a joke.
  • I heavily blogged Richard Dawkins God Delusion as I read it (click the Religion tab on your right). I’m glad to see he has another book coming out. I think his take on religion is clumsy and needlessly aggressive. But his defense of evolutionary theory and science is outstanding. Granted, I may have a soft spot for anyone married to Romana.
  • What a great idea. While we’re at it, let’s burn down people’s houses so they can learn about the danger of arson (and stimulate the economy, if Cash for Clunkers is our guide).
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