Wednesday Linkorama

  • Prediction: when the Right realized that Pat Tillman opposed the Iraq War, they will drop him like a rock.
  • I have a feeling that Bruce Bartlett is right. We’re going to have to raise taxes to erase the deficit. There’s simply not enough spending that can be cut once you exclude Medicare, Medicaid and defense. To me, this is a very conservative point of view. The point is fiscal sanity, not mindless anti-tax rhetoric.
  • A great illustration of just how stupid trade protectionism is. Ford is building vans, then ripping them up to avoid trade barriers.
  • Greg Mankiw notes that healthcare will never be equal. I keep intending to pen a long post on why healthcare should not be considered a “right” (helping people in need, which I support in principle, is an act of compassion, but a matter of people’s rights). Mankiw makes a key argument here: if medical care is a right and a medical procedure is too expensive for all of us to have, how can any of us have it?
  • Conservative crowing about the revision of arctic ice melt illustrates perfectly what’s wrong with their thinking. One bad fact does not overturn thousands of others. This would be the equivalent of denying general relatively because a nuclear bomb didn’t work.