Tuesday Linkorama

  • Eventually, Democrats are going to run out of excuses. Now, they can’t even pass budget on time. Of course, the Republicans weren’t much better.
  • Memo to the GOP. Socialism actually has a dictionary definition. That definition is not anything I don’t like.
  • Somehow, I don’t think the housing crunch is over. We’re continuing to prop up this bubble. Until it kills us.
  • Ah, the War on Drugs. What stupidity have you unleashed today?
  • More paranoia about kids (with some hefty lucre thrown in).
  • Defensive medicine explained. Note that those who dispute the notion of defensive medicine don’t consider tests of questionable value to be “defensive”.
  • Uh-oh. The FDIC is running low of funds. I keep hoping the economy will turn around. But there’s a lot of ominous rumbling out there.