Hawaii Linkorama

  • Huffpo has their most egregious examples of Fox News bias. I dunno. First, HuffPo continues to confuse opinion with news reporting. Second, almost all of these can be seen in the MSM for the Democrats. In particular, the criticism of Fox for reciting Republican talking points falls flat. I used to run a regular feature in which I would put Democratic Party press releases and NYT editorials side-by-side and invite readers to guess which was which. Narry a mention, of course, will be made about Olberman and Maddow’s secret meeting with Obama.
  • You know, couldn’t he prosecute the woman for trespassing?
  • What would life be like without the internet? My third favorite magazine takes a look. Not shown: me writing random thoughts on walls.
  • Ah, DMV. Do you ever fail to be a source of humor?
  • CO2 levels at 15 million year highs.
  • Soviet sentimentalism. Never grows old, does it?
  • Team Obama decides that voters are too stupid to vote without parties. I suspect, however, that the motivating factor here is to get more Democrats elected.
  • Again, remind me why Bloomberg is touted as a Presidential Candidate? How do you make the business environment in NYC worse?
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