Tuesday Linkorama

  • Just when you thought Republicans couldn’t get any dumber.
  • People are upset with Crumb’s version of Genesis (NSFW). Probably what bothers them most is that he leaves in the parts of Genesis — such as Lot’s daughters — that they’d prefer quietly left out.
  • A scary story about kids being taken away from parents because they are obese.
  • Compare and contrast: the environmental movement in a state run by controlling environmentalists and one barely run at all. If you want green technology to advance, you’re going to have to let the market do it.
  • Those awful CEOs with their evil salaries. Good thing our public option mortgage company is above such reckless behavior. Oh, wait.
  • Alan Grayson is now embarrassing the Democrats. Last week, he got praise from Greenwald for questioning a fellow Congressman about bills of attainder — apparently, removing ACORN’s funding is the equivalent of fining or jailing someone. I was unimpressed and continue to be unimpressed. Grayson spews rhetoric that appeases far leftists. But I tend to think that stuff belongs on talk radio, not Congress. Of course, the GOP has just about its entire membership talking like a an army of Alan Graysons.
  • Re-analysis shows that global warming has not reversed and, indeed, the last decade has been the warmest in the 130 years we have measurements for.
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