Thursday Linkorama

  • Bruce Bartlett speaks. I agree with everything he says, especially about the Republican Party being brain dead. It’s horrific to watch, especially in the conservative friends and family I know that are following them into the abyss.
  • Nice. Pseudo-scientific woo like “therapeutic touch” is sneaking into the healthcare bill. This will not only drive up expenses, but move money to fund bullshit. Penn and Teller’s show had a great segment on Emily Rosa, the 11-year-old girl who proved TT was garbage.
  • There is no excuse for this.
  • How PETA sees abuse. I have to agree (with the graph; not with PETA).
  • It’s possible Massachusetts could replace Ted Kennedy with someone even worse.
  • Another “global warming is a myth” myth debunked. IN this case, it’s the “arctic ice is recovering” misrepresentation.
  • More stadium dumbassery.
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