Thursday Linkorama

  • What? Not another sex scandal involving one of these uber-moral conservatives standing against homosexual hedonism?
  • Wonderful. The Iraqis are using pseudoscience to find bombs.
  • I agree with Lindsay Graham. The GOP can not get too fixated on ideological purity if they want to become a political force again. There are many districts, particularly in the northeast, where a hardline conservative can’t win but a moderate can. If the GOP runs such moderates, they won’t get their “pure” conservative Congress. But they will shift the Congressional Gaussian significantly to the right.
  • The Dems want to put nutritional info on vending machines. I guess because putting it in restaurants worked so well.
  • Occasionally, the Obama Administration makes me happy. When they are at least acknowledging the problems that Sarbanes-Oxley has created, that’s a good thing. And more than the last “pro-business” Administration did.
  • I have this crazy idea that one day government will fix problems before they blow up in our face.
  • Why the GOP is still irrelevant. They can’t even come up with earmark reform.
  • Megan McArdle explores the idea that the VA is a model for healthcare reform. The most important point? The VA provides less than half of the healthcare veterans need and receive.
  • The New Yorker asks why our murder rate is so high. I reject all the conventional arguments, which seem to be focus on our not worshiping government enough.