I’m a little bit tired of the meme that Obama has been “indecisive” on Afghanistan. We’re coming off an Administration and a punditsphere that spent years telling us that all was well in Iraq; that the perceived violence was just a fiction of the evil liberal media; that anyone calling for more troops or the firing of Rumsfeld was a RINO and a triator.

Then, when they lost an election, they suddenly realized we need a change of leadership, a change of strategy and more troops. And they’ve spent the last three years claiming credit for that.


The more I watch the debate over Iraq and Afghanistan — especially from the neocon side — the more I realize that this is just a fucking game to them. Thousands of lives, national credibility and future terror attacks are background to their insane political game. There are plenty of true patriots out there within the Republican party and the commentariat . But the to likes of guys like Bill Kristol and Karl Rove, the WOT is just a means to score points against their real enemies — the Democrats.