Weekend Linkorama

  • You must watch Newsweek’s the decade in seven minutes.
  • The GOP continues to implode. Now they want to censure Linday Graham. As I keep saying at the other blog, the RINOs were not the GOPs problem. It was the so-called hardcore loyal conservatives who rallied behind massive spending, corruption and torture.
  • What he said. And him, to some extent. I don’t like many of the policies the Democrats are implementing and think the party as a whole suffers from a dangerous amount of hubris. But I’m tired of the outrage, the crackpot theories, the glib comparisons to the USSR. What the hell happened to these people?
  • It seems to me that the environmentalists still haven’t learned how to maximize the ratio of gain to pain. Making everyone dirty, smelly and miserable to save a few gallons of water seems poorly thought out.
  • Computers. Meh. What do they know?
  • This is disturbing. What’s the point of electing Democrats if they’re going to go all uber-law-and-order on us? Remember when they used to protect civil liberties?
  • The latest TSA madness — snowglobes.
  • Don Boudreaux destroys Paul Krugman’s glib assertion that labor market controls will bring down unempoyment. I must admit to being baffled by Krugman’s post. He does now that you need n>1 data points to reach a conclusion, yes? Yes? No.