The Return of Linkorama

  • Ha. How true.
  • Ha. How droll.
  • I definitely will not link to this sick and twisted piece of hilarity.
  • Stimulus spending is at least stimulating the richest part of the country.
  • Hmmm. You have to wonder what the smoke crusaders will make of this.
  • So let me get this straight. The projection that people will get more “souped-up” healthcare plans and spend more money on healthcare is a selling point of reform? Right.
  • When even James Hansen thinks cap and trade is dumb, it must be dumb. This is pretty standard for global warming policy these days — set big important goals decades down the road, do nothing now. A carbon tax is simple, directly attacks the problem, can be adjusted. It would be even better if the revenue stream were countered with a corporate flat tax.
  • In other climate news, Scientific American has a good, if sarcastic and smug, response to anti-global warming claims. Informative article but their condescending tone is part of the problem with persuading the critics.
  • More from America’s Sheriff.