Much as I respect Dan Savage, he’s buying into the total liberal line with this line of crap:

Here’s the headline from my morning paper: “HPV Factors in Throat Cancer: Study Could Shift Debate About Vaccine.” You bet it will. Up to now, the HPV vaccine—which, again, has proven 100 percent effective against the cancer-causing strains of the virus—could merely prevent 10,000 cases of cervical cancer in American women every year, along with 4,000 deaths. But now the debate could shift—it will shift, it already has shifted—because it’s no longer “just” the lives of 4,000 American women that are on the line, but the sex lives of 150 million American men.

“If men got pregnant,” goes the bumper sticker, “abortion would be a sacrament.” Now that straight men can get cancer from eating pussy, the HPV vaccine is going to go from controversial to sacramental faster than you can say, “Suck my dick.”

I’m sorry, Dan, you’re wrong. As I said before, there are very legitimate reason to oppose mandating the HPV vaccine. I have a friend who suffered the side effects of DES and am nervous about mucking about with a reproductive system decades before use.

One of the things we can not do is let the Religious Right write the script on this debate. The issue is not whether the vaccine is going to create a generation of sluts; the issue is whether the government should be making a difficult and uncertain decision for people.

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