Wednesday Linkorama

  • I must say that I am sympathetic to the view that med-mal should not be part of healthcare reform. It’s a state issue.
  • More from America’s worst sheriff.
  • Yet more evidence that various government contributed to the housing bubble. And keep doing so.
  • I agree with cracked. Dorkade it is.
  • The FAA was given $3.5 billion to make airports safer. A few weeks ago, we had a massive failure in the Air Traffic Control System. But at least luxury terminals are being built around the country. They even defend the practice.
  • A great if long post from Jim Manzi about how to build our economy for this century. It breaks my heart because no one in Washingotn will read it or give a rat’s ass.
  • Why have I left the Right? Because of shit like this. It is absolutely revolting to hear a TV personality accuse the President of treason. I don’t care what fucking party he’s from or how liberal he is. That I have assumed good faith in the actions of my political opponents is enough for me to be a heretic. So be it. I’m a heretic.