More on the Climate

I sometimes use this space as a scratch pad for points I can mention elsewhere. WordPress’s search function is so easy that it makes it possible for me to dig up just about any post I’ve written.

Here’s one I’ll be referencing for a while: a little background on Lord Monckton, one of the chief climate “bad skeptics”.

(I’m now using “bad skeptics” in place of “denialists” to reference people who use debunked or unscientific arguments against global warming. This is as opposed to “good skeptics” like Ron Bailey, Bjorn Lonborg and Pat Michaels, who use appropriate scientific skepticism.)

He theorizes that NASA crashed its own satellite, promotes a quack cure for everything from the flu to HIV and compares Obama to Hitler.

Monckton is not just some random guy I’m picking on. He is cited constantly by “bad skeptics” as their warrior priest in opposing the onslaught of environmentalism.

In other news, I’ll link to Penn State’s evaluation of Climategate but will refrain from comment on a fellow faculty member.