Another Climategate Investigation

The first of the UK investigations of Climategate has cleared the scientists of deliberately tampering with the data. This is only the first investigation and not the most in depth. So we’ll see what other bodies conclude.

Notably, the report chided the scientists for their stonewalling on FOI requests, noting they could have spared themselves a lot of trouble. I agree with this whole-heartedly. As crazy as the conspiracy theories may be, they are fed by the climate scientists treating their data as though it were the secret to alchemy, not haphazard and sometimes unreliable temperature records.

Of course, there’s a lose-lose aspect to these investigations. If wrongdoing if found, it will be rightfully denounced. But if it isn’t, will hear cries of “whitewash”. That is, after all, what happened after Penn State concluded their investigation. (And, really, every investigation everywhere that has political overtones).

Still, it’s good to get sunlight on the matter.

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