Immigration Panic

I only tend to write about Boortz when he hacks me off. Well, today is more of that. He links to a bunch of posts that do nothing but talk panic about immigration.

National Review says immigrants are taking our jobs. This is the same article that tells us George W. Bush has single-handedly dropped unemployment to record lows.

Kris Kobach has a conniption because these incompetent terrorists with their dumbass plots were immigrants. Again, how is keeping immigrants away going to stop someone flying a plane from Havana to Miami with a bomb?

And there’s panic because Bush may temporarily suspend the new passport requirement for Americans to go to Mexico and Canada. I’m not sure how keeping Americans out of Mexico and Canada is going to stop terrorism.

More bullshit. Can’t we just agree to make it harder to get in this country illegally while making it easier to get in legally? Or would that not sooth the xenophobes?

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