Midweek Linkorama

Fueled by my re-discovery of the Purple Rain album.

  • The Democrats aren’t happy with lawyers who do their jobs and represent terror suspects. Again, what’s the point of electing Democrats if they’re going to cave on every civil liberties issue?
  • No, the BP oil spill does not validate socialism, as anyone even vaguely familiar with the environmental records of socialist paradises should know. Yet another example of “Disaster Socialism”. BP, however, ain’t exactly what people envision for a free market.
  • Shit like this is why I can’t stand the Right Wing. They live in their own reality. Some kids are punished for wearing American flags; the ACLU defends them; conservatives blast the ACLU for not defending them. WTF, man? These things are not difficult to check in the Age of Google. And this is not an isolated incident. This happens all the fucking time, especially on the environment.
  • Yet another data point on socialized medicine. In the meantime, pressure builds to provide “free” birth control. We tried this when I was a grad student. And no one could grok why their insurance rates went up at the exact same cost as the pills.
  • How Education Policy Works. The DC voucher program showed measurable progress in improving kids’ performance; it was axed. The DC public school system is a catastrophe; it’s teachers are getting a 21% raise.
  • Pre-obituaries. Do not read if you are liberal.
  • Violent crime continues to plunge, as it usually does during tough economic times. Maybe there’s no one worth robbing anymore.