Wednesday Linkorama

Fueled by Abby taking swimming lessons…

Non-political posts first:

  • OMG, are these photos beautiful.
  • See, this is what God (or Gore) invented the internet for.
  • Another stunning post from TNC.
  • Then political ones:

  • Let me get this straight. We pay $3 billion a year to subsidize cotton growers. Brazil takes us to the WTO. Instead of ending the subsidies (remember the budget crisis?), we will now pay them $150 million per year to make up or it, a bounty that will presumably extend until we are paying billions in subsidies to cotton growers around the world. OK.
  • Government is different. If you blow the whistle on a corporation, you get rewarded. If you blow the whistle on the government, you go to jail. It’s not just supposedly classified info either. Obama has ramped up prosecution of government whistleblowers throughout the system.
  • More form the Right Wing Fantasyworld. That’s twice I’ve linked to thinkprogress in one blog post. Damn you, Sarah Palin! It used to be the Left that just made shit up (3 million homeless, murder being the leading cause of death in women, no history of gun ownership, etc.)
  • Speaking of Fantasyland, Reuters gets caught again doctoring photos. Not that the American media is exactly covering themselves with glory.
  • I have to agree with Morrissey and Bainbridge. The Zogby poll being touted by people as proof of liberal ignorance about economics seems more designed to get a certain result than to show anything. While I agree with some of the points stated as “enlightened”, those point are not beyond dispute. Besides. I shudder to think what a poll of conservatives on scientific issues would show.
  • Once again, we don’t need more regulation. We need to enforce the ones we have.