Friday Linkorama

More sleep-deprived laziness:

Ron Paul is being excluded from a candidate forum because, apparently, he is more of a fringe candidate than the men he is both out-polling and out-contribution-getting. What is it about Libertarians that makes the media ignore them? Every general election, they spend more time on third-party candidates who get out-polled by the Libertarians.

Read about how Google has gotten sucked into politics. Why do big corportations spend so much money buying politicians? Because of the awful consequences that result if they don’t play the Washington game.

Dick Cheney — above the law. Seriously, what’s wrong with these people? Let’s see Rush Limbaugh defend this! (You know he will).

PBS funds religious propaganda. The worst thing is that now PBS can claim they are “objective” and “fair” since they’ve balanced their usual plethora of left-wing commentary with a nutball fringe right-wing group. Why are we funding this nonsense again?

Oh, that liberal media. But . . . but . . . but Fox News!!! (Anyone notice that, like Rush Limbaugh, about 90% of the people who hate Fox News have never watched it?)