Weekend Linkorama

Non-political links:

  • Another great TED talk on the little things. This sort of logic is a key reason that I’m a libertarian — I think small policy change can be more effective than big massive expensive endeavors, but small changes don’t get slavering media coverage or the approval of historians. But I put it here in non-political links because it applies to everything. Another example I can think of is companies that invest zillions in revamping their website when a few small fixes would be better (I’m looking at you, Facebook).
  • Turns out those Russian agents were a lot prettier than smart. It’s hilarious how much ink this story has gotten now that Anna Chapman’s face has been plastered all over the TV.
  • Political links:

  • Just when you think Oliver Stone can’t get any dumber.
  • Are the Tea Parties just a bunch of angry white men? Not so fast.
  • Heh. The lawyers are mad about the BP settlement because they won’t get their contingency fees.
  • More good climate skepticism from Ron Bailey. Be sure to read his postscript on page 2.
  • The IRS can’t do its books.
  • You know, if the Bush Administration were keeping the press away from embarrassing video and photos of an oil spill made by a huge campaign donor, I have a feeling it would be a bigger story.
  • Rant warning. Charles Bolden gave a speech this weekend claiming NASA’s new mission is international outreach and claiming no single nation can reach beyond low earth orbit. This is categorical bullshit. We lack not the ability, but the will. It’s becoming clearer that NASA spending — both science and exploration — is one of the few items the Democrats may cut. I wonder if this will stop science bloggers from blushing and fainting over everything Obama does.