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  • Reason gives the Nanny of the Month award to San Francisco. I remember when California use to be the crazy wild state. They are considering legalizing marijuana. Too bad their senator isn’t on board.
  • I’m with McArdle. While I accept global warming, the idea that we’re facing a phytoplanton apocalypse seems dubious. The planet has been a lot warmer in the past than it is today and supported more abundant life.
  • Meanwhile, another climate report confirms global warming. Expect radio silence from the Right Wing; but loud screams of fraud the next time an IPCC claim is found to be inaccurately sourced.
  • The Feds want more latitude when it comes to snooping through electronic records. Of course, this had nothing to do with embarrassing wikileaks expose. On the flip side, they’re after Google for inadvertently picking up open wireless signals.
  • MIchelle Rhee may finally be taking on the Cartel of Big Education. But it’s not clear yet that Race to the Top is going to produce the kind of change that decentralization and choice would.
  • Another reliable forensic test turns out to be anything but. You know, I’d like to see an episode of Law and Order where a man is convicted based on unreliable lab tests, voo-doo criminal profiling and bogus hand-writing tests and turns out be innocent.
  • The Republicans are still fiscal frauds.
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