Aussie Linkorama

Non-political Links:

  • What if the Earth stopped spinning? Remember, according to the Bible, it did.
  • Posnanski writes a great post on the idea that we were wrong about steroids. Notice that most of the people disputing him use the, “Oh come on, it was SOOO obvious!” line of argument.
  • Wonderful color pics of the Depression era.
  • The illustrated guide to a Ph. D..
  • Political Links:

  • You’re Full of Shit Watch: Paul Krugman is full of it on Paul Ryan, Newt is full of it on the Cordoba Mosque and Bill Kristol is just full of it in general.
  • San Francisco is rapidly becoming a joke on Nanny State issues. This is absurd.
  • The idea of removing the lifetime tenure of Supreme Court nominees tends to surface every now and then, mostly when the White House has switched parties. I agree the debate has gotten nastier, although we have Democrats to thank for that (see Bork, Robert). But this is a dumb idea. The best thing about the Court is that the justice are free to rule as they see fit. We’ve seen a number of them go in unexpected directions. And that’s a good thing.