Monday Linkorama

Non-political links:

  • I love color pictures from the 19th and early 20th centuries. I’m so used to thinking of those eras as black and white. Color pictures are just startling and make it so much more real.
  • This is reason Algore invented the internet.
  • Journalism warning labels.
  • Political LInks:

  • Turns out both the biodiversity crisis and the explosion of obesity may be BS.
  • Hitchens, no fan of Islam, makes the case for the so-called ground zero mosque. Good God, I hope he recovers from his cancer; we can’t lose his voice. On the flip side, the AFA calls for a nationwide ban on mosques. Yeah, it’s all about Ground Zero, guys.
  • I have to agree with Gene Healey. I really like the coalition government that’s been put together in the UK. It’s the sort of thing I wish we’d have in this country — practical, prudent, green, conservative, with a sharp focus on restoring civil liberties. Such a thing won’t happen in this country until at least Sarah Palin goes down in disgrace (assuming it’s possible her to be disgrace out of public life). But I can hope, can’t I?
  • Just to bookmark it for when it hits the Right Wing Echosphere: This story that global warming is a myth because the NOAA is claiming it’s 600 degrees in Wisconsin? Bullshit. Expect no correction, none, from the “skeptics” (O’Sullivan’s website is still trumpeting their discovery of this “fraud”). And expect this debunked point to turn up every time someone tries to prove that global warming is a myth.
  • John McWhorter on the persistence of black poverty. It’s provoking some interesting discussion on Sully’s blog. But no matter what the source of the social problems afflicting African Americans, I am not convinced that government can do anything other than make them worse.