Weekend Linkorama

  • Obama wants to bring back merit pay for teachers. The thing is, this has been tried. And you end up giving merit pay raises to everyone to avoid nasty lawsuits and union actions.
  • Half the public wants Bush impeached. The numbers sound a little bit fishy to me. But as I said during the Clinton business, impeaching a President would be a lot of fun, would serve to keep future Presidents on their toes and wouldn’t do much harm. Of course, if Clinton hadn’t been impeached, we might have gotten Social Security reform.
  • Balko is on fire lately. He has a little note on some bizarre arrests and a brutal takedown of Michael Gerson’s bizarre assertion that Second Life represents Libertarianism.
  • Continuing with Balko, he links to this article on politically incorrect truths about human nature. Some of this is pseudo-science, however. Scientists have been speculating for decades why men are attracted to big breasts, and their theories have no more predictive power now than they ever have (or explanation as to why many men are attracted to small breasts). Oh well, at least they’re not longer trying to say that women’s breasts look like their backsides.

    Additionally, the allegation that polygyny creates Muslim terrorism out of poor woman-less men flies in the face of the well-off physicians who were attacking Britain last week.

  • Brink Lindsey takes out Ramesh Ponnuru. Mr. Party-of-Death is admitting the conservatives can’t win the culture war. So what was the fucking point of the culture war and the incredibly divisive books, statements and party platforms associated with it? I must conclude that it was a cynical ploy to whip the culturally conservative American people into a Bush-electing frenzy by taking advantage of their beliefs and prejudices. And if a few gays and women got trampled in the puritanical stampede . . . well, that’s just politics.
  • Fail the bar exam? It must be the fault of them evil homersexuals!
  • A proper way to celebrate independence day — put flag-flying Americans in jail.
  • NYC now has thousands of police officers enforcing a noise ordinance while Mississippi saves their women from the perils of orgasm. Guess they’ve got nothing better to do.
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