Long Form Linkorama

Non-political links:

  • Holy crap!.
  • I should have a separate post about this. I was alerted, quite belatedly, to this outstanding article about the End of Men. I think some societal adjustment is going to have to happen. Precisely what this will be? Haven’t a clue. I will note in passing that I wish I was twenty years younger, given the now staggering gender ratios in college.
  • Political LInks:

  • Here is an epitaph: Arnold Schwarzeneggar, not quite as shitty as his predecessors. Occasionally, someone tries to convince me that Gray Davis got a raw deal in the recall election. But Davis is the one who laid the fiscal time bomb — in the form of massive pensions, huge increases in state payrolls and guaranteed giant salary hikes — that exploded in Arnie’s face. And at least Arnie tried to break the stranglehold Big Labor has on the state. Of course, the Democrats are busy trying to make things worse. This is one of the few times where I wonder if someone (the California Dems) is evil rather than stupid, misguided or wrong.
  • Ground Zero updates. More on the moderate Muslims people say don’t exist (although, it’s Turkey, which was our Priceless Ally until they supported blockade running into Gaza and therefore became Extremist Haven). And more on the Imam. I’m not quite sold on his moderation. And here’s Ron Paul showing again why I liked his Presidential bid and Gregg Easterbrook pointing out the moral equivalence. Also, Cathy Young breaks some myths, most notably the bullshit idea that this is a “victory mosque”. Apparently, it wasn’t even supposed to be near Ground Zero.
  • Yep. Education in this country is woefully underfunded.
  • The Nevada senate race is the reason I wish we had a viable third party in this country.
  • More statistical abuse, this time by the drug warriors. This is not unusual. The drug warriors frequently take a minor downward blip in, say, 30-day cocaine use among 17-year-old Geminis and proclaim it’s a result of their policies.