Midweek Linkorama

Non-political links:

  • Anne Frank’s tree dies.
  • I wonder if the people who hate big time CEO’s will go after big time law firms.
  • In defense of dating coaches. I could have used one back in college.
  • This is why I sometimes think Neal Boortz has a point: that every year, we should execute at least one HOA board.
  • America’s Got Talent is not as good as the British version. But holy crap!
  • Political links:

  • Whoda thunk it? Politicians don’t like being called out on their lies. Case in point? The stimulus.
  • So is the Right Wing going to go after this Ground Zero hate-monger?
  • The Democratic Congress forces us to include FM tech on our phones so that the NAB can make a few hundred million. And people wonder why our economy is stalled. It’s a thousand thing just like this.