Weekend All-Politics Linkorama

  • Glenn Beck, passionate voice of reason. What?!
  • Breyer has since backed off his comments that Koran burning is not covered by free speech. But no one should be surprised. The flag burning decision split the Court across ideological lines. Scalia voted for freedom; Stevens voted against.
  • Dalmia destroys D’Souza on the whole “Obama is a secret Kenyan anti-colonialist” bullshit. It’s an awesome read.
  • Probably the most depressing electoral result this week was not the victory of Christine O’Donnell, but the defeat of Adrian Fenty and the likely strangling of Michelle Rhee’s attempts to fix the worst set of schools in the country. Meanwhile, signs of hope are found in Oakland.
  • The Obama Administration has revived the “disparate impact” approach to civil rights. One of the many bad results — you can’t refuse to hire convicted criminals.