Weekend Linkorama

Non-political links (sort of):

  • I love the idea of Dan Savage’s it gets better project to encourage gay teens to survive their teenage years. But I agree with McArdle; this should be a universal meme. Teenage years are tough for everyone (although obviously worse for gay teens in oppressive environments). They should all be told it gets better. I was about as miserable as a well-off white kid can get as a teenager. But I’m happy now.
  • I’ve been sitting on this for a while, trying to think of something profound to say. But there really isn’t anything to add. By any standard, the last decade was the best in human history. But no one can believe this because we have a media and a populace always focused on the negative.
  • A wonderful review of the iphone … from a blind man.
  • Political Links:

  • Great. Dim-bulb legislators in my state want to ban research on synthetic cannaboids. Nice. Better dead than high, I guess.
  • I’m not going to mince words: Richard Blumenthal is scum. His record is that of an attention-grabbing attorney who sees no limit to the power of the state and has tried to leverage his legal career into a political one. Earlier this year, like most moral crusaders, he was caught lying about his past. Now he has managed to bully Craiglist into sending adult services back underground beneath the reach of the law. Thanks goodness the Village Voice won’t be bullied. I never thought I’d be pulling for one of the founders of WWF to win an election; but that’s what I’m doing. This man can not be given any more power.