Monday Morning Linkorama

Things that amuse while I ponder my potential pending unemployment.

  • Man, I love Fire Joe Morgan and the way they take on the SMTs.

    Finally, on BBTN, Phillips and Kruk debate the “Worst Franchise in Sports.” Phillips chooses the Phillies because their next loss will be their 10,000th. This is problematic for several reasons: first, because that says as much about the longevity of the franchise (starting in 1890) as anything else. Second, the team is only 4 games out this year and has a lot of good players. Third, the team has been in the WS as recently as 1993. The Phils aren’t close to being the worst franchise in baseball, much less all of pro sports.

    Not to be outdone, Kruk chose the New Orleans Saints.

    Who played in the NFC Championship Game.

    Last year.

    Nice work, everybody.

  • I forgot to mention. Doctor Who is back on sci-fi. Happy days are here again.
  • The Surgeon general doesn’t just have weird views on gays. He’s perfect for Bush — especially since his office has no actual power but cheerleading.
  • The French have developed a market in trading driver’s license points. You know, first Sarkozy, now this. I’m starting to like the French again.
  • Steven Segal energy drink? Yes, Steven Segal energy drink.

    Then I took my first sip. Nothing in this world could have prepared me for that. The initial thought that came rushing into my mind was from a deep, dark place: Oh, that’s bad.

    I didn’t know quite what I had just tasted, but my mind immediately painted a picture of someone going into a supermarket, opening every can in the canned fruit aisle, pouring all the various syrups into one 16-oz container, and hoping for the best. It was like an evil punch made from fruits that had no business ever knowing each other.

    The second sip was even worse. This was when I first noticed the awful aftertaste. Initially, it reminded me of rancid peaches, but it quickly went downhill from there.

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