Wednesday Linkorama

Non-Political Links:

  • Awesomeness
  • McDonald’s burgers don’t rot? Well, neither do anyone else’s. I suspect the difference in rotting has to do with the cheese and the bun, both of which McDonald’s makes sure have no bacterial contamination.
  • More of this, please: scientists talk evolution. And they deconstruct intelligent design here.
  • Political Links:

  • Radley Balko shows just how shoddy the Nation’s journalism is when it comes to bashing libertarians.
  • This is heresy in some of the conservative circles I run in, but the Wikileaks appears to show an Obama Administration that is good at foreign policy. This doesn’t fit the Right Wing meme that Obama is a bumbling imbecile who hates America, so it’s being ignored. I also suspect they wouldn’t like the specifics, which involve negotiation, deal-making, listening — you know, policy — instead of high horse unqualified demands being issued to lesser nations. How far the GOP has fallen from the days of Reagan and Bush I.
  • You’re Full of It Watch: Neal Boortz, continuing his “global warming is a myth” religion, boasts that no hurricanes hit the US this year. A simple Google search would have told him that this was an above-average season and in line with predictions. It’s just that other countries got walloped. I think there is a point that hurricane season prediction is very uncertain. But his main point is just to cover his eyes. Even his readers called him out on this one.
  • Irony, thy name is healthcare reform.